6 Most Beautiful Golf Courses All Over the World

Here is another reason to travel: to play golf. And here is another reason to play golf: to travel and discover beautiful places. You read that right – who says traveling and golf do not go well together? They may as well be a match made in heaven! You can play golf and travel at the same time. Here are the most beautiful golf courses all over the world:

The Blackstone Course, Mission Hills Haikou, China

The Mission Hills complex in China is the world’s largest golf facility in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. Located on the tropical island of Hainan, also known as China’s Hawaii, the golfing complex boasts of 22 golf courses, one of which is the world-renowned Blackstone Course. It is named Blackstone as it is carved out of a volcanic rock, offering golfers a fun and interesting landscape. The course is also stunningly designed by the Schmidt-Curley company. Several historic golf tournaments have also been hosted in the Blackstone Course, including two World Cups and the 2013 match between Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Domaine de Taulane, France

Golf with the stunning view of the Provençal mountains in Domaine de Taulane in France. The golf course is also a short drive away from the French town of Grasse, home to acres upon acres of lavender fields. Golf champion, Gary Player, designed the 120-hectare course with seven lakes and lush countryside greenery, perfect for those who are seeking relaxation and serenity.

Pebble Beach, California, USA

With its natural rocky coasts and slopes leading to ocean cliffs, any golfer who loves a good challenge will be thrilled by the Pebble Beach in California. But do not let the breathtaking views of the ocean distract you from the challenging course designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant.

St. Andrews Links, Scotland

The Old Course of the St. Andrews in Scotland may be the oldest golf course in the world, its construction dating back to more than six hundred years ago. But it also remains to be one of the best and most beautiful golf courses, with its features of large double greens, unique layout, and striking landscapes. Its design has inspired other golf courses as well.

Kawana Golf Club (Fuji Course), Japan

Set upon a spectacular scenery, the Fuji Course at Kawana Hotel Golf Course in Japan is nothing but fascinating. It was established in 1936 and designed by C.H. Alison, who included 18 holes and a variety of deep bunkers that make the course difficult to both amateurs and professional golfers alike. The Fuji Course hosts prestigious golf events, such as the annual Fuki-Sankei Ladies Classic Tournament.

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course, New Zealand

It is no surprise that the Cape Kidnappers Golf Course in New Zealand is hailed as one of the great modern marvels in golf, what with its glorious views of the sea, its ridge-and-valley landscape which renders it difficult to many golfers, and its location perched 140 meters above the sea level. It will truly be an experience of a lifetime to play golf in this one-of-a-kind golf course.

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Top Famous Landmarks in the World You Must See

The world is filled with spectacular landmarks for you to see. If exploring the world is on your bucket list, then you must aim at visiting some of the famous landmarks in the world that travelers from around the world love exploring. Thankfully, we have a plethora of must-see places around the globe that are a must-visit at least once in life.

If you are adventurous by heart and love traveling around places, here are some of the top, famous landmarks in the world that you must explore at least once in your life:

  • Taj Mahal, India: Listed amongst the top wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is located in the Agra city of India. This white mausoleum is a treat to the eyes that was built by a Mughal Emperor –Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife. Whether it is the white marble or the intricate details of the fine art throughout the tomb, a trip to the majestic Taj Mahal is worth your every penny.


  • Great Wall of China, China: Isn’t it great to imagine that the Great Wall of China can be seen from the surface of the moon as well? The best time to visit the majestic Great Wall of China in Beijing is during the spring time when the entire forest around the walled area is in full bloom. It is the cherry blossom time of the year, and you will consider your trip completely worthwhile.


  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia: The overall architecture of the Angkor Wat is considered a masterpiece of its own. You would be awestruck by its magnificent, intricate architecture. The 500-acre temple site is one of the largest religious monuments around the globe. The overall remains of the beautiful temple date back to the 12th


  • Machu Picchu, Peru: This ancient town is located around 8000 feet high in the Andes mountain range. The lost city of Machu Picchu is one of the most spectacular ruins in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists from around the corners of the world visit this famous landmark to witness the classic manmade beauty of the place. The sheer scale, as well as the audacity of the place, requires proper planning before visiting the place.


Make the most of your life by visiting some of the famous landmarks in the world.

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Things to Know Before Visiting Venice

Are you planning a trip to Venice? Venice is a world-famous tourist destination that is filled with things & places that offer the assurance of leaving you with several unforgettable memories. Venice is one of the most popular cities in the world that is a must-visit destination in the travel lookbook of most of the world travelers. Featuring a glorious historical background, the city of Venice is always bursting with romance all over. There is no denying the fact that its charm & elegance will leave you spellbound.

If you are planning a trip to Venice anytime soon, here are some of the pointers that you must know about before visiting this city:

  • Book Your Hotel Near the Water Taxi Shop: The travel experts recommend that you should stay for at least two nights in Venice and book a hotel near the water taxi shop. You would definitely want to drag your luggage too far into the city. With a water taxi shop near you, it becomes easier to book the boats or water taxi to enjoy an eventful time when in Venice.


  • Working Your Way Through the Crowds: Venice is filled with exciting landmarks and places to explore. Given its historical background, you might be required to spend hours exploring a particular place of historical importance. As such, being a tourist, it is recommended that you should be prepared to find your way through the crowds all by yourself. Particularly around the famous corners of the city including the St. Mark’s Square, The Rialto Bridge, and others, there is no escaping the crowd at any cost.


  • Check Out for an Economical Gondola Fantasy Ride: When in Venice, you cannot miss out the world-famous Gondola fantasy rides that take you across the city through the water bodies. As it is quite famous and the most sought-after activities in Venice, some of the gondola rides might charge you exorbitantly for a shorter ride. The official rates for the rides should be around 80 Euro for around 40 minutes of ride. After sunset, it becomes more expensive. If you wish to ensure yourself a great traveler experience in Venice, try going for a shared Gondola ride with other tourists.


  • You Might Get Lost: Venice tends to be a walking city. Therefore, you must be prepared to walk some extra miles when in the city. You might end up walking for hours even when you would not want to at times. The narrow streets of the city will lead you anywhere & everywhere –even to places that you must not have planned visiting. However, Venice is one such place that you would love getting lost in. If you wish to make the most of your trip to Venice, try getting a reliable city map such that you do not get lost here.


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that you must visit at least once in life. Make way for a remarkable trip!

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Top Foods & Drinks to Try Out in Venice

When it comes to famous Italian cuisines, there is no denying the popularity of pizzas and pastas around the world. Italy boasts a wonderfully diverse set of food traditions and famous cuisines that are widespread across the world. As such, top-class Venetian cuisine is something that you must try out. However, Venetian cuisine tends to differ significantly from what is served on the Italian mainland as lagoon plays a vital role in everyday life of the people of Venice.

When you are in Venice, you can expect traditional dishes with the focus on amazing seafood & fish dishes that are brought down into the city by the local fishermen from the Adriatic Sea. These dishes are supplemented by fresh vegetables including artichokes and asparagus that are grown on the surrounding islands of Venice. Here are some of the best-in-class Venetian specialties that you must try out when visiting this majestic city:

  • Sarde in Saor: This delicious sweet-sour dish definitely tops the list when it comes to the must-try out dishes in Venice. The dish consists of fried sardine fillings that are marinated in onions, raisins, pine nuts, and vinegar. Saor in Venice had been originally conceived during the Middle Ages as an effective technique of preservation by sailors and fishermen of Venice. However, the sweet & tangy flavors of this dish had been highly appealing to the taste buds of the local Venetians and thus, it lives even in the modern-day appetizer’s list.


  • Baccala mantecato: This is yet another lip-smacking fish-based sublime dish. Baccala mantecato or dried creamed cod is cooked by soaking, poaching, & blending of the fish into a specialized smooth mousse that gets seasoned with salt, olive oil & pepper. You might also come across variations of garlic and parsley in some food eat-outs. The paste is then served on fresh slices of bread or white grilled polenta –a typical staple in Venice.


  • Risi e bisi: This gastronomic guide to the best foods in Venice cannot be complete without describing this yet another rice-based started –Risi e bisi or rice & peas in Venetian style. On 25th April, during the St. Mark’s Day, this delicious dish was served traditionally as a major offering to the Doge of Venice from the lagoon islands by the peasants. The risi e bisi is made with pancetta, vialone nano rice, onion, parsley, butter, and pea-shell broth.


  • Wine: When it comes to the bespoke drinks in Venice, the wine culture of the Venetian region is known for offering a wide range of exquisite wine flavors that set the mood right. You can try out the sparkling white wine known as the “Prosecco” along with other concoctions including Spritz and Bellini that are made along with it. If you wish to combine a glass of white wine with your favorite fish dish, then you must go for trying out the exclusive bottle of Soave.


Do not miss out the fun foods & drinks on your trip to Venice!

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The perfect trip: What to do in Venice

Losing yourself in Venice is one of the things everybody should do even once in their lives. The picturesque Italian city is like a fairy tale and has a unique landscape you won’t forget. If you’re thinking traveling to this city soon and you don’t know what to do, we’ll give you today a great list the places you should see.

Venice remains as one of the most popular cities in the world and draws millions of visitors each year. Let’s explore together the best things you can do while you’re staying in this beautiful town:

  1. Mark’s Basilica. This one is by far the most renowned building in Venice. With its sublime architecture, you will be blown away with every look. Was created in 1092 and remains as one of the greatest religious buildings in Northern Italy. Every detail of the Basilica is fantastic from the sculptures and artwork to the ornaments. Also, is located in the Piazza San Marco (the famous one) which is exquisite in every way.
  2. Canale Grande. As you may know, Venice has hundreds of canals that are the connection of the city. The biggest one is Canale Grande and you have to be part of it.
  3. Ponte di Rialto. The famous bridge of the city! Connecting two parts of the metropolitan: San Marco and San Polo, is the most important pedestrian thoroughfare as well as a popular tourist place. The shape of the bridge is unique, simple, and beautiful. Its architecture frames perfectly the grand canal and makes it more stunning.
  4. Venice Lido. Too many tourists for you? This place is your perfect spot for a day of relaxation away from the crowded city. Venice Lido is a separate island that generates a barrier between the Adriatic Sea and Venice. Is a lovely beach to enjoy anytime.
  5. Bridge of sighs. If you have the chance, you need to do a gondola ride to contemplate the bridges, especially this one. Although is a small structure, this bridge is one of the most renowned and visited of the city.
  6. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. The second church with more notoriety of the city. As soon as you see it you’ll notice that the building stands out immediately and your eyes will not look another side. With a baroque style, this religious establishment was built in 1687 and is selected as a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church.
  7. Murano.When you’re in Venice you’re walking within different islands of the city district. Murano, is one of them. This particular sector is made up of small islands that are connected together thanks to a series of bridges and canals. Murano, is a picturesque place full of charm that will keep you interested. You’ll be entertained by diverse live demonstrations that take place at the factories that are established there.

Venice is a place like no other in our world and you must visit.


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Interesting facts about Venice that you didn’t know

Venice, without a doubt, is one of the most renowned cities in the world. Majority of people dream of traveling to the gondolas country. Is like a fairy tale and you’ll never forget the picturesque streets, and of course, the unique view in every corner. If you’re thinking about Venice as your next travel destination, we’ll give you some interesting facts that you probably don’t know.

  1. Venice has originated back to the mid 400 over 1500 years ago. Nowadays the city has approximately 56000 inhabitants.
  2. One of the main characteristics of Venice is its bridges. Has approximately 417 and 72 of those are exclusive.
  3. If you go to Venice, you might want to do a promenade in a gondola. Don’t worry; you’ll have the chance! They have 350 gondolas and 400 gondoliers to take you through the city.
  4. Don’t forget to kiss your partner under each bridge if you decide to go on a gondola tour. The tradition says that you’ll remain together.
  5. 50 thousand people visit Venice per day. Hence, 18 million tourists each year.
  6. The city has 177 canals. Amazing, right? You can go anywhere by water; they have different types of boats that can take you to any point of Venice.
  7. In 1638 opened the first worldwide public online casino. And guess what? Was in Venice.
  8. The city hasn’t changed in years, to more exact 600. Of course, they have made smaller changes throughout the years in some restaurants or shops, but Venice itself is pretty much the same as 600 years ago.
  9. It is forbidden to ride a bike in Venice. If you’re caught in a bike, prepare your wallet to pay a big penalty.
  10. Venice is sinking little by little. At a rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year, the city is getting under water.
  11. Between the 400 gondoliers, you’ll only see one female. The lucky girl has been on that job since 2010 and fought to become the first woman to work as a gondolier.
  12. The city has over 450 palaces and significant architectures built in different styles, baroque, gothic, Byzantine, and more.
  13. In the 18th century, there were more than 200 churches in the city.
  14. Some experts assure that by 2030 Venice will be a ghost town without any inhabitant; only tourists will go to the city.
  15. You may find hard to find any addresses in Venice. The houses are numbered according to districts. They don’t use the streets to signpost anything.
  16. The canals were the routes of communication. That is why you may notice that the gates of the houses are on the side of the channels.
  17. The city has over 7000 chimneys, and they were constructed in ten different shapes and styles.
  18. No matter how many times you go to Venice, you’ll notice something different each time. Could be a small city but has so many unique details that are so worthy to go in every opportunity that you have.
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Golf Swinging Tips

In this piece, we’ll be looking at some of the best golf swing tips as given by pros. We believe that the following tips are indispensable and should help you improve your game. Therefore, if you want to learn something new today, read on.

Limit The Height of Your Follow-through

Limiting follow-through height will lower the height of shots. The lower your hand is, the lower the ball will fly. Choosing a stronger club or moving the ball behind your stance and trying to swing without too much of an effort are also other ways to do this. However, there are a bit more challenging to perform and less reliable. Considering this, it is better to ensure that your hands stay low in the finish and the trajectory the ball takes will be much lower.

Give Your Spine a Forearm

Ensure that you are on-plane at the top of your swing to increase accuracy and guarantee solid ball-striking. To do this, make sure that your right forearm stays parallel to your spine, and your left wrist is flat while your arms and elbows form a triangle. By doing this, your shoulders will rotate, allowing for a perfect backswing.

Capitalize on the Power of Your Body

As a golfer, you already know that power comes from your body and not arms. Therefore, to fully maximize your club swing using your body instead of hands and arms, place your club behind the golf ball at address and take a dead stop position. Without back swinging, try to drag your shot into the air. If you use your hands to control the golf club, chances are you’ll struggle a bit at first. However, you will find that once you start moving your club in unison with your body, you will start getting the ball flying more often. This approach makes it easier for you to fully turn-through the ball when down swinging.

Hinge for More Power

Most amateur golfers have trouble hitting perfect iron shots because of two things. The first mistake is their takeaway which tends to be too close to the ground. As a result, this delays the right hinging of their wrists until it’s too late into the backswing. The second mistake they make is as they try to create power, they tend to swing their arms too far back when making the backswing. This leads to a breakdown of posture, leading to something known as a reverse pivot. These mistakes lead to miss-hits, poor control, and no distance.

To improve the length of your swing in order to have more solid contact, make sure that there is a 45-degree angle between the club shaft and left arm. This way, the swing will start with your wrists hinged halfway at the right angle, which is 90-degrees. During take away, make sure that your hands are as close to the ground as possible and ensure that the clubhead moves up fast. The idea is to get your left thumb pointing up towards you right shoulder soonest. You will know that you have achieved the right wrist hinge when the club is perpendicular to the ground, and the left arm is parallel to it. This way, your wrist will be set early in the backswing, lowering the need to swing your arms too far up.


Consider trying out one or two of the tips mentioned above and see what works best for you. At the same time, it is worth noting that these aren’t the only options available. We, therefore, advise you to consider looking for more golf swinging tips to improve your posture and follow through.



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This submission was sent in by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. She says that it was because of this statue that she was able to come to terms with her broken family and the fact that life will always have two sides but can co-exist beautifully.

Thank you for your submissions! Please keep them coming!

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Toby’s Adventure

“She lives in Venice and I was from Ohio. I spent several years afraid of going out of my little town. It wasn’t until I met Paloma (who took this photo) that I was able to swallow my fear and travel. It isn’t just the city that was magic. It was more magical because of her.”

Awww! This submission by Toby is as sweet as they come!

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We have a submission today from my good friend, Tiffany, who recently came back from her Venetian vacation.

I don’t know about you guys but I think these masks are absolutely mesmerizing. Tiffany says she just had to take a snap because the colors of the masks really leap at you when you’re walking along the channels. Thank you for this, Tiffany!

I really enjoy photo submissions so please send more my way! Bonus points if they’re about golf!

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Piero’s Lovely Lady

And we’re back with our photo submissions! Today, we have a lovely snap taken by Piero. He says the subject of his photograph is his beautiful fiance Adalina.

Absolutely lovely! No wonder Piero is smitten!

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A Lazy Afternoon

We have a submission from Giulia, who is currently reminiscing her Venetian vacation taken last year. She shares with us her favorite photo that completes captures that old-world charm and steadiness of the city and her canals.

Thanks for this one, Giulia!

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Baby Blues

Today, we have a photo submission from Cassidy! We haven’t done photo submissions for a while so I’m quite happy to be receiving new submissions lately!

Really lovely mask, you’ve got there, Cassidy! I would have bought it for myself if I saw it first!

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Note-Worthy Golf Moments of 2016

It’s almost the year’s end and it’s been quite a year indeed. We’ve seen some lackluster performances and promised comebacks and so many other note-worthy events. As we wrap the year up, we’ve tried to pull together some of the standout Golf Moments for the year of 2016.

Vaughn Taylor’s Cinderella Moment

It was at the 2016 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am that Vaughn Taylor pulled off his first major win in eleven years. This was quite the surprise for everyone considering that Mr. Taylor had not even had a PGA Tour card for some years now. Truly one of the more surprising events of 2016 and we certainly can’t wait to see what Vaughn Taylor will do next.

The Stephen Conrad Tragedy

This one is quite sad and a rather recent event. It was on Christmas day that Stephen Conrad and his mother were involved in a car accident that claimed both their lives. Conrad was 32. Stephen Conrad is one of the few players to ever win the Indiana State Junior, State Amateur, and State Open titles. It was only last year that Stephen Conrad was inducted into the Indiana High School Golf Hall of Fame. Initial reports claim that a young man was drag racing and attempted to pace with another vehicle when he struck the Conrads in a head-on collision in Syracuse, Indiana. The investigation is still ongoing. The loss of such a decorated player is surely a blow for our beautiful sport.

Se Ri Pak Retires

It was at the KEB Hana Bank Championship that a send off for Pak was held. A lot of tears and hugs were shared as fans and other golfers came out to show their appreciation for Pak’s contributions to golf. Pak’s retirement brings to a close her legendary LPGA career which prompted so many other outstanding Korean players to join the fold. She will surely be missed.

Ariya Jutanugarn’s Stellar Year

If there was anyone having a great year, it would be Ariya Jutanugarn. She won her first LPGA title this year and went on to win two more—bringing in a solid three straight streak. Jutanugarn joined the Ricoh Women’s Open this past summer and scored five wins under her belt. Not satisfied with this, she went on and added the One Million Race to the CME Globe crown to her repertoire. It is to be noted that this talented golfer is only 21 years old. So there’s so much more in store for all golf fans out there!

Golf Returns to the Olympics

This one is a personal favorite! It would be a common exclamation for some that they never realized that Golf was once an Olympic sport. It was. One hundred and twelve years ago, to be exact. So it is quite an exciting event that our sport returns to the fold of The Games. Justin Rose was to walk away with the gold medal this year for Men’s golf while Inbee Park claimed the gold for women’s golf.  Now that Golf is once again an Olympic sport, we expect and anticipate a renewed surge in the interest of the public into Golf. We may be seeing the start of a whole new generation of Olympic class players in the next few years. Truly a great point for 2016!

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Phil Mickelson

Family starts things out for all the Mickelsons and in vast measure that clarifies Phil’s prosperity. His dad was a Navy warrior plane pilot who later flew for business aircraft. His regard for study, arranging and detail involved last chance. When he perceived his baby child wouldn’t change to hit right-gave, Phil Sr. balanced and made a privilege gave club into a lefty’s. He passed his main impetuses on to his first child, and so far as that is concerned, to his little girl and second child, as well.

Phil’s mom is the little girl of business angler, another man for whom both watchful arranging and going for broke was a lifestyle. He was as extreme on a watercraft adrift as he was cherishing with his family and liberal with neighbors, who frequently partook in his catch. At Christmas in 2003 he told Phil, “This will be your year.” after four months his granddad had kicked the bucket, and after Phil’s triumphant putt some way or another fell into the low side of the last opening at the 2004 Masters and he stuck his triumph jump, the whole family’s first thought was about the patriarch.

Alongside Steve Loy, there was one different tremendous impact on Phil, Arnold Palmer. It was a sweltering day at the 1994 U.S. Open, Palmer’s last appearance in the national title, and the 64-year-old was physically spent in the wake of walking up the last fairway with a moist towel around his neck. Be that as it may, not exactly an hour later he was in the volunteer tent shaking hands, marking signatures and expressing gratitude toward everybody for their backing of him and the occasion.

Phil was en route to the reach after his own round however halted for a few minutes and took in the scene. When he came back from the extent, he ceased again and watched Palmer, who still wasn’t done in the tent. Seve Ballesteros was Phil’s model golfer as a tyke and he indefatigably procured a number of Seve’s short amusement abilities. It was his family and Palmer who gave Phil his relationship building abilities. Right uptil today, after a decent round or a poor one, Phil channels Arnold and invests energy marking signatures and expressing gratitude toward individuals for their advantage.

Phil was prepared for an exceptional school vocation – 16 triumphs including two NCAA singular titles in four years at Arizona State University – alongside the Northern Telecom Open. There was an attach to Palmer in those years, as well, even before Phil was marking signatures. Phil did likewise in the second round of the 1991 U.S. Beginner at Cherry Hills, then yielded a long standard putt to his adversary and won 6&5. In the last match he crushed his secondary school colleague, Manny Zerman, 5&4. That execution incited a lot of open and media hypothesis about whether Phil would stay in school or turn star. Also, that heightened five months after the fact when, as a lesser at ASU, he won in Tucson. Yet, an early flight was never in Phil’s arrangement. He earned PGA Tour participation that day and stayed in school for year and a half to acquire his brain research degree.

Phil had played in 19 proficient occasions as an invitee however that Open was his 6th back to back missed cut of the year. Again a few people pondered what might come next yet he made six of his last nine cuts that season with a runner-up completion at the New England Classic was still on the radar as the 1993 season unfolded. The win in San Diego was noteworthy. After six months he shared 6th in the PGA Championship at Inverness and after a week won The International, a Stableford occasion in Colorado. What took after were 10 wins in four years, a winless 1999 season, and eight wins in the following four years. By 2004 Phil had won 21 times. It was nettlesome yet not without legitimacy. The purported “best player never to win a noteworthy” had played 146 rounds in the enormous occasions and had driven after just seven of them, none after the second round. Acquainting Phil with the media at the 2004 Masters, Chairman Billy Payne said Phil “has completed in the Top 10 at the Masters seven times in 11 appearances. He has completed no more regrettable than seventh in the most recent five years. He’s played in 11 Masters and has had a lovely record here.

Amid the rest of the 2010 season, Mickelson had numerous chances to end up the main player in the Official World Golf Ranking after the travails of Tiger Woods. In any case, a string of baffling wraps up by Mickelson saw the main spot in the end go to Englishman Lee Westwood. Mickelson battled in 2014, missing the cut at the Masters surprisingly since 1997. He neglected to battle at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst in his first offer to finish the vocation terrific pummel. Mickelson’s solitary main 10 of the PGA Tour season came at the year’s last major, the PGA Championship. Mickelson shot rounds to complete solo second, one shot behind world number one Rory McIlroy. Preceding the 2015 Masters, Mickelson’s best complete in 2015 was a tie for seventeenth. At the 2015 Masters, Mickelson shot rounds to complete tied for second with Justin Rose, four shots behind champion Jordan Spieth. The second-put completion was Mickelson’s tenth such complete in a noteworthy, setting him second untouched just to Jack Nicklaus in such manner.

Mickelson did his debut in 2016 at CareerBuilding Challenge 2016. After the completion of PGA Championship 2016, Mickelson would lead PGA Tour for the average score season 2015-2016. Mickelson playing style is regarded as aggressive and unique and he is usually in top 10 scoring.

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Why Golf is Worth Doing

Why Golf is Worth Doing

We’ve all heard of Golf. A lot of us may have the impression that it is a rich person’s sport. Quite a few of us may even think that golf is not a sport at all. Why would golf be an activity worth putting effort into? Is there something more than hitting a small white ball, aiming it at a far off hole with a little flag as your guide? What can we even gain from it? When did it even begin to be a thing? I, for one, had many such thoughts for many years until I got to really observe golf and golfers up close and personal.

First of all, where did it come from? It seems that many of our historians have varied answers when asked about the origins of golf. The earliest golf-like game was called apocryphally. It was observed in the Netherlands around 1297. However, according to one of the oldest Scottish golf organizations, golf is a Scottish invention. As documentation is difficult to find, we can all just take the information worth its grain of salt. What we can take away from this is golf is an activity that has deep roots in human history. Taking part in an activity that has a rich history can bring about a sense of belonging that most other activities lack.

Another part of that ‘belonging’ is the opportunity to build a network of contacts for both personal and professional settings. Many professionals like doctors, lawyers, business owners and the like have met and started dealings at a golf course or even at a driving range. It particularly comes in handy for those in the field of sales and marketing.

As we’re discussing professions, golf is quite helpful in dealing with office-related stress. A strong whack of a small ball can do wonders for someone stewing with an issue from the workplace. If one forgoes the use of a golf cart, walking around an 80-120 hectare golf course can strengthen a golfer’s stamina and leg muscles. Let’s not forget the fact that when you do not use a golf cart, you’ll be lugging around your golf bag. The average content of a golf bag would be 14 to 15 clubs, around 5 golf balls, and a travel cover. All in all, that can weigh up to 35 pounds. Now imagine the arm strength required to be able to carry all that. It’s no easy feat to be sure but it’s something that can be built through persistent involvement in golf. In a way, it makes for good exercise.

Other than exercise, golf provides a chance for people to reconnect with the outside world. Trees, grass, flowers, hedges, sand pits, and the occasional pond is a normal sight in a golf course. A lot of us have been complaining that most people are chained to their mobile devices. The usual cubicle warrior an avaricious social media user will certainly benefit from the exposure to sunlight. Humans need Vitamin D and the sun’s friendly rays provide that for you.

The best times to catch those friendly rays are around 6-8 AM. Another reason why golf is worth doing is that an early call time instills discipline. It is never easy for anyone to rise up early, particularly on a weekend. It has been observed that golfers that tee off at the wee hours of the morning and are consistent are healthier, happier, and more refreshed than those that do not do the sport. Golf players are also able to turn their healthy hobby into something they can make money out of.

Those that play golf professionally are able to stay fit and get to earn large amounts doing what they love. Last year, the highest earner through the PGA Tour was Jordan Spieth at $12, 020,465. This year, golf has made a triumphant return into the world of the Olympics.

So looking back, it seems that golf has more to it than what most people perceive it at the start. It’s a fun and challenging hobby that benefits not only your health but also serves as a good way to expand and create connections socially and professionally. Golf, when taken seriously, can be quite lucrative. All in all, golf is certainly an activity worth looking at and getting into.

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History of Golf

Golf is a club and ball sport in which with a few possible strikes, the players try to hit balls with the use of various clubs into a series of holes on courses. The game of golf has evolved dramatically over this period of time and people have been playing golf since the 6th century. Golf goes back to the season of Julius Caesar. In spite of the fact that it was not the golf that is played today, it was a comparative amusement. They played by striking a quill stuffed ball with club-formed tree limbs. Golf was likewise followed back to the Song Dynasty in China amid the years 960 to 1279. The modern game of golf originated from Scotland in 15th century. But still, the games original origin remains unknown and debatable. Some historians relate golf to the ancient game of Pagancia, in which stuffed leather ball was hit by the participant with the help of a bent stick. Some theorists assert that this game of Pagancia spread throughout Europe as Romans conquered most of the continent of Europe during the first century BC, and eventually the game of modern golf evolved over that period of time. The modern game of golf started in Scotland, when James II banned golf in 1457, as an unwelcome diversion of learning anarchy. James IV lifted the ban in 1502 when he turned into a golfer himself, with golf clubs initially recorded in 1503-1504.

Golf turned into a leisure activity in Great Britain in the seventeenth century and that was a recognizable topic all through the world. In 1860, the main British Open, a competition that is still played today, occurred. The prevalence of the game then started to spread all through the world. The main golf club in North America was established in Montreal, Canada, in 1873 and was named “Canada’s Royal Montreal Club.”

The overseeing body of golf started as the United States Golf Association (USGA) in the year 1894. At that point, the present representing assemblage of today, the Professional Golf Association of America, was established in 1916. Both novices and experts are permitted to play in open occasions like the US Open and the British Open, which are “open” to general society. In any case, there are sure occasions that novices are not permitted to play in, similar to the world golf titles—the Accenture Match Play Championship or the Arnold Palmer Invitational. These occasions are case of expert occasions as it were. Golf is known the world over and has picked up notoriety, as it is turning out to be more broadcast and showcased. Golf is by all accounts a game that will go ahead to live until the end of time.

Golf clubs have advanced from wooden shaft clubs to today’s arrangements of woods and irons with sturdiness, weight appropriation and graduation utility. The advancement of clubs ran as an inseparable unit with the development of golf balls that could withstand harder whacks. Amid the 1880s, golf sacks first came into utilization. “The helpful animal weight” is an old epithet for the caddie who conveyed golfers’ gear for them. The initially controlled golf auto showed up around 1962 and was created by Merlin L. Halvorson.

“Tee” as it identifies with the session of golf started as the name for the range where a golfer played. In 1889, the initially recorded convenient golf tee was protected by Scottish golfers William Bloxsom and Arthur Douglas. This golf tee was produced using elastic and had three vertical elastic prongs that held the ball set up. Be that as it may, it lay on the ground and did not piece (or pegged) the ground like present day golf tees. In 1892, a British patent was conceded to Percy Ellis for his “Perfectum” tee that pieced (pegged) the ground. It was an elastic tee with a metal spike. The 1897 “Victor” tee was comparable and incorporated a glass molded top to better hold the golf ball. The Vicktor was licensed by Scotsmen PM Matthews. American licenses for golf tees include: the main American patent issued to Scotsmen David Dalziel in 1895, the 1895 patent issued to American Prosper Senat, and the 1899 patent for an enhanced golf tee issued to George Grant.

Players from fifteenth century Scotland would be flabbergasted to perceive how the clubs what’s more, balls have changed and how expand the courses and principles are presently.  They could never have imagined that individuals would utilize clubs whose poles are made of aluminum or titanium rather than wood, and they would be shocked to see golf balls made of thermoplastic tars. Players in the fifteenth century made their own particular clubs and balls, utilizing promptly accessible wood and once in a while metal for the leader of the clubs and cowhide and plumes for the balls. Not until the sixteenth century did players have experts make their hardware. Until around 1850, players utilized clubs with shafts made of fiery remains or hazel and heads made of beech, organic product tree wood, or even hand-fashioned iron. With the mechanical insurgency in the nineteenth century, club creators began to make clubs with metal shafts, which gave the golfer better control over the ball and the capacity to hit it out of troublesome circumstances.

With the advancements of the 20th and 21st centuries, clubs are presently being made of graphite, titanium, beryllium, copper, aluminum, carbon filaments, steel, tungsten, furthermore, composites of these and other lightweight metals. Club heads have been upgraded to enhance a golfer’s amusement; depressions were added to the face to expand reverse-pivot, and the heads were made bigger to make the ball fly higher. Golf balls have been made more sturdy and updated to fly longer separations, and club shafts are lighter and stronger. Organizations are trying different things with new composites and different materials and new plans to make clubs lighter, more grounded, more adaptable, and include different attributes that can help both expert and novice players enhance their amusement. Developments have even influenced the courses the diversion is played on; changes in seed food and manures have enhanced the nature of the turf what’s more, made course upkeep more proficient.

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Royal Park I Roveri

Royal Park I Roveri

Created: 1971

Architect: Trent Jones Sr.

royal park golf course

Royal Park I Roveri has been ranked as the top golf course in Italy for the past 31 years, in addition to representing the entire country in the World Golf Best Courses List.  This famous parkland style 18 hole golf course is set inland, weaving through the trees of the Italian countryside.  The course is maintained beautifully, with well-trimmed trees, dark green grass, “perfect” rough, and a ton of water (12 of 18 holes).  The layout is relatively flat and wide open, allowing the big hitters to take advantage of the par 4’s and par 5’s, as long as they don’t go into the water.  The holes are built around a large lake in the middle, a few smaller bodies of water scattered throughout the course, and yes, small streams curving in and out of play as well.  Championship length is just over 6500 meters, as a standard par 72 course.  The ratings across championship, men’s, and women’s tees don’t change very much.

The golf course also has a sizable driving range, which offers Srixon brand golf balls at the huge price of nothing!  Partly covered and part open, the driving range is perfectly flat and well over 300 yards in length, with plenty of  small greens and pins for staggered targets.  If you’re feeling a bit tired, but still want to enjoy a nice day, there are plenty of benches strewn across the grounds in clear sight of the action.  Have a seat and enjoy the game of golf.

Aside from hosting tour events, the coolest part of the golf course is the putting green.  There are two of them with reasonable undulation and plenty of pins to aim at, but the thing everyone waits for is darkness.  When the sun goes down, tall lights reminiscent of a football game come on, illuminating the putting green.  Everything is more fun at night, under the lights.  There’s only one tour event per year played under the lights, and that’s located in the United States.  In Italy, this is as close as it comes.  Putt to your heart’s content.

golfing at night

Let’s move to the clubhouse.  It’s built in an L shape around one of the smaller putting greens and has a modern looking interior that’s very clean, comfortable, and purposefully styled to promote a family environment.  Long couches are comfy chairs are abundant for the guests.  Just outside the large bay windows are numerous tables with umbrellas to give you shady comfort as you enjoy a great meal.

Looking for lessons?  Talk to one of the course pros.  The staff’s primary objectives is to improve your all-around game so you enjoy yourself more when you come out to play.  Improve your swing by matching it to what you need, not some PGA tour pro; find a swing that you can repeat over and over again and rely on when your game fluctuates.  Learn how to putt, chip, pitch, and hit perfect shots from the bunker.  Short game champion is going to be your new title once this lesson is over.  After learning the mechanics of the proper swing, you’ll learn how to manage your play.  What clubs should you choose?  When should you lay-up versus going for it?  What’s the risk versus reward?  After that, get ready for the other half of golf, the mental game.  Tiger Woods was always the person who had this part of the game on lock-down.  He believed he could do anything, which translated into his actions on the course, through a well-groomed swing.  Learn how to control your mind so you can focus and play at your peak level (and maintain it all the way through to the end).  Lastly, hear from experts on weight training and proper foods to fuel your inner golfing beast.  Once we’re done with you, you’ll be golfing like a pro.

To see more on Royal Park Roveri I, watch the video below:

Despite hosting numerous national events at the course, Royal Park still manages to maintain reasonable greens fees, depending on the time of the season you choose to visit and the day of the week you choose to play.

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Golf Course Maintenance

Golf Course Maintenance is one of the most critical aspects to a well functioning course.  It’s high on the list of items members care about, and it is typically the largest expenses a course will ever have simply because there is so much involved in caring for such a big plot of land.

Ensuring the golf course is in perfect condition is a monumental task normally handed off to the grounds crew.  These guy are the ones who are up everyday at the crack of dawn speeding around on mowers to cut the fairway, rough, and greens to the ideal height, turning sprinklers on and off to ensure the course gets enough water, and taking care of tree removal, which many times requires a professional company.  The picture below was sent in from an old colleague.  You can see how much work goes into golf course maintenance just by looking at the picture.  It’s early fall and the well-trimmed trees are starting to change color, the fairway is nearly free of leaves, and the green is in great condition, even though it’s late in the golf season.

Notice how in the picture, there are a few trees that would block a golfer’s attempt to hit toward the green if you landed further to the right of the fairway.  The trees set up the ideal block to bring the water hazard into play.  Golfer after golfer ends up hitting that tree and dumping their shot in the lake.  Prepare for high scores if you so much as clip the edge of it.

golf course maintenance

Water management on the golf course can be a hefty task.  Special chemicals are put in to keep the water from turning into a swamp, and special irrigation techniques are used in order to flow water from one are to another without flooding the course.  Most times, special drains are installed in the center of a body of water to continuously recirculate it. You see this on TV all the time during pro events with fountains spraying into the air.

The grass is another major item on the ground crew’s list.  The height of the grass for the green, fringe, fairway, mid-rough, and deep rough all have to be different.  Do the math.  There are 18 holes, each with 4-5 types heights of grass in an area of anywhere from 1oo to 500 yards long and at least 100 yards across.  That’s a lot of grass to mow!  In addition to cleaning up the land for proper play, pesticides and fertilizers are used to make sure that the grass grows lushly and green without interference from pesky bugs and insects.

Each of these important tasks that the golf course superintendent oversees kicks into high gear if there is going to be a tournament hosted at the location.  The greens need to roll a specific speed, each layer of grass needs to be cut to a special height within a small tolerance level, and the overall landscape needs to be pristine.

Next time you go out for a round of golf, buy a beer and raise a glass to the grounds crew and the course superintendent – they busted their butts to make the place the best it could be for you to play on.  (And put back your divots after your shot) 😉

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Surprise Visitor to the Golf Course

Circolo de Golf had a surprise visitor over the weekend, a famous celebrity and model, Kendra.  She was spotted playing a round at the famed course, and as you can see from the picture, she’s not only dressed for the occasion, but our buddy Maxim got a great picture of her.  Can you imagine playing a tough golf course like this in that outfit?  I’m shaking my head right now, although you can’t see it.


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