6 Most Beautiful Golf Courses All Over the World

Here is another reason to travel: to play golf. And here is another reason to play golf: to travel and discover beautiful places. You read that right – who says traveling and golf do not go well together? They may as well be a match made in heaven! You can play golf and travel at the same time. Here are the most beautiful golf courses all over the world:

The Blackstone Course, Mission Hills Haikou, China

The Mission Hills complex in China is the world’s largest golf facility in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. Located on the tropical island of Hainan, also known as China’s Hawaii, the golfing complex boasts of 22 golf courses, one of which is the world-renowned Blackstone Course. It is named Blackstone as it is carved out of a volcanic rock, offering golfers a fun and interesting landscape. The course is also stunningly designed by the Schmidt-Curley company. Several historic golf tournaments have also been hosted in the Blackstone Course, including two World Cups and the 2013 match between Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Domaine de Taulane, France

Golf with the stunning view of the Provençal mountains in Domaine de Taulane in France. The golf course is also a short drive away from the French town of Grasse, home to acres upon acres of lavender fields. Golf champion, Gary Player, designed the 120-hectare course with seven lakes and lush countryside greenery, perfect for those who are seeking relaxation and serenity.

Pebble Beach, California, USA

With its natural rocky coasts and slopes leading to ocean cliffs, any golfer who loves a good challenge will be thrilled by the Pebble Beach in California. But do not let the breathtaking views of the ocean distract you from the challenging course designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant.

St. Andrews Links, Scotland

The Old Course of the St. Andrews in Scotland may be the oldest golf course in the world, its construction dating back to more than six hundred years ago. But it also remains to be one of the best and most beautiful golf courses, with its features of large double greens, unique layout, and striking landscapes. Its design has inspired other golf courses as well.

Kawana Golf Club (Fuji Course), Japan

Set upon a spectacular scenery, the Fuji Course at Kawana Hotel Golf Course in Japan is nothing but fascinating. It was established in 1936 and designed by C.H. Alison, who included 18 holes and a variety of deep bunkers that make the course difficult to both amateurs and professional golfers alike. The Fuji Course hosts prestigious golf events, such as the annual Fuki-Sankei Ladies Classic Tournament.

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course, New Zealand

It is no surprise that the Cape Kidnappers Golf Course in New Zealand is hailed as one of the great modern marvels in golf, what with its glorious views of the sea, its ridge-and-valley landscape which renders it difficult to many golfers, and its location perched 140 meters above the sea level. It will truly be an experience of a lifetime to play golf in this one-of-a-kind golf course.

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