Golf Swinging Tips

In this piece, we’ll be looking at some of the best golf swing tips as given by pros. We believe that the following tips are indispensable and should help you improve your game. Therefore, if you want to learn something new today, read on.

Limit The Height of Your Follow-through

Limiting follow-through height will lower the height of shots. The lower your hand is, the lower the ball will fly. Choosing a stronger club or moving the ball behind your stance and trying to swing without too much of an effort are also other ways to do this. However, there are a bit more challenging to perform and less reliable. Considering this, it is better to ensure that your hands stay low in the finish and the trajectory the ball takes will be much lower.

Give Your Spine a Forearm

Ensure that you are on-plane at the top of your swing to increase accuracy and guarantee solid ball-striking. To do this, make sure that your right forearm stays parallel to your spine, and your left wrist is flat while your arms and elbows form a triangle. By doing this, your shoulders will rotate, allowing for a perfect backswing.

Capitalize on the Power of Your Body

As a golfer, you already know that power comes from your body and not arms. Therefore, to fully maximize your club swing using your body instead of hands and arms, place your club behind the golf ball at address and take a dead stop position. Without back swinging, try to drag your shot into the air. If you use your hands to control the golf club, chances are you’ll struggle a bit at first. However, you will find that once you start moving your club in unison with your body, you will start getting the ball flying more often. This approach makes it easier for you to fully turn-through the ball when down swinging.

Hinge for More Power

Most amateur golfers have trouble hitting perfect iron shots because of two things. The first mistake is their takeaway which tends to be too close to the ground. As a result, this delays the right hinging of their wrists until it’s too late into the backswing. The second mistake they make is as they try to create power, they tend to swing their arms too far back when making the backswing. This leads to a breakdown of posture, leading to something known as a reverse pivot. These mistakes lead to miss-hits, poor control, and no distance.

To improve the length of your swing in order to have more solid contact, make sure that there is a 45-degree angle between the club shaft and left arm. This way, the swing will start with your wrists hinged halfway at the right angle, which is 90-degrees. During take away, make sure that your hands are as close to the ground as possible and ensure that the clubhead moves up fast. The idea is to get your left thumb pointing up towards you right shoulder soonest. You will know that you have achieved the right wrist hinge when the club is perpendicular to the ground, and the left arm is parallel to it. This way, your wrist will be set early in the backswing, lowering the need to swing your arms too far up.


Consider trying out one or two of the tips mentioned above and see what works best for you. At the same time, it is worth noting that these aren’t the only options available. We, therefore, advise you to consider looking for more golf swinging tips to improve your posture and follow through.



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