Interesting facts about Venice that you didn’t know

Venice, without a doubt, is one of the most renowned cities in the world. Majority of people dream of traveling to the gondolas country. Is like a fairy tale and you’ll never forget the picturesque streets, and of course, the unique view in every corner. If you’re thinking about Venice as your next travel destination, we’ll give you some interesting facts that you probably don’t know.

  1. Venice has originated back to the mid 400 over 1500 years ago. Nowadays the city has approximately 56000 inhabitants.
  2. One of the main characteristics of Venice is its bridges. Has approximately 417 and 72 of those are exclusive.
  3. If you go to Venice, you might want to do a promenade in a gondola. Don’t worry; you’ll have the chance! They have 350 gondolas and 400 gondoliers to take you through the city.
  4. Don’t forget to kiss your partner under each bridge if you decide to go on a gondola tour. The tradition says that you’ll remain together.
  5. 50 thousand people visit Venice per day. Hence, 18 million tourists each year.
  6. The city has 177 canals. Amazing, right? You can go anywhere by water; they have different types of boats that can take you to any point of Venice.
  7. In 1638 opened the first worldwide public online casino. And guess what? Was in Venice.
  8. The city hasn’t changed in years, to more exact 600. Of course, they have made smaller changes throughout the years in some restaurants or shops, but Venice itself is pretty much the same as 600 years ago.
  9. It is forbidden to ride a bike in Venice. If you’re caught in a bike, prepare your wallet to pay a big penalty.
  10. Venice is sinking little by little. At a rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year, the city is getting under water.
  11. Between the 400 gondoliers, you’ll only see one female. The lucky girl has been on that job since 2010 and fought to become the first woman to work as a gondolier.
  12. The city has over 450 palaces and significant architectures built in different styles, baroque, gothic, Byzantine, and more.
  13. In the 18th century, there were more than 200 churches in the city.
  14. Some experts assure that by 2030 Venice will be a ghost town without any inhabitant; only tourists will go to the city.
  15. You may find hard to find any addresses in Venice. The houses are numbered according to districts. They don’t use the streets to signpost anything.
  16. The canals were the routes of communication. That is why you may notice that the gates of the houses are on the side of the channels.
  17. The city has over 7000 chimneys, and they were constructed in ten different shapes and styles.
  18. No matter how many times you go to Venice, you’ll notice something different each time. Could be a small city but has so many unique details that are so worthy to go in every opportunity that you have.
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