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When people think of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is usually at the top of the list, and for good reason – it’s home to hundreds of golf courses, 3 of which represent the small country on the PGA Tour’s Top 100 golf courses list.

sunset at kuala lumpur gc

Malaysia is a small country south of Thailand and entirely surrounded by water in the South China Sea, primarily because the country itself is split into two separate sections, east and west.  This location is a popular tourist spot, known for beautiful beaches, a very diverse, cultural population, and of course, some fantastic golf courses.

Kuala Lumpur specifically is the modern city of Malaysia, with the amenities people of Europe and the US are used to, in addition to custom handmade shoes by the famous Jimmy Choo, who grew up there.  As a result, shopping is a big thing in the area ever since Jimmy became famous.  Most importantly, the booming city is home to the top rated golf course, Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club (KLGCC).  This is bar none the most visited course in the country and maintains the highest rating available on the UK’s Top 100 World Golf Courses list.

The golf club is less than a half hour from the middle of the city and has been around since 1991.  This is a beautiful course, with stunning views, scenic landscape, and a lot of water.  The course has two 18-hole setups, which each cater to a different crowd.  The East course is more for amateurs, as it’s not quite as long and it’s not as difficult.  The West course is the beast!  It’s much harder, more than 6,999 yards in length, contains multiple bodies of water, deep, all-catching bunkers, and a professional, championship-like layout and pace.  Player beware (in a good way).  The course was created in the early 90’s and then redesigned in 2008 to lay the foundation to host the Malaysian Open of 2010.  Italian born Matteo Manassero conquered the course in 2011, beating out a number of Malaysian professional golfers.

Starting when you arrive, the clubhouse is upscale and has an elevated view from the 2nd floor that peers out over the West course.  You can see two of the scenic holes from there, so it’s a great spot to eat your pre-round meal.  When you’re ready to play, you’ll start out on hole one, which starts you off with an elevated tee box and a narrow landing area on the start of the fairway with significant undulation throughout the course.  Bunkers line the left side of the rough for the long hitters.  Hole 2 is one of my personal favorites on the course.  It’s a long, sweeping par 5, guarded by 4 greenside bunkers, 3 separate depths of rough, and a huge pond, left of the green.  If that wasn’t challenging enough, the land naturally slopes from right to left, funneling all golf balls that direction on shots.  Hole 9 is the next most dangerous hole.  Trees and the range on the left, bunkers all over the fairway and surrounding a green with a tight pin location, and water (with a fountain) on the right, cutting deep into the fairway.  Finally, the most challenging hole on the course (based on typical scores), #11.  The tee box hits directly over a huge body of water.  Here you need to strike a pure shot because landing short means that you’re going fishing for your golf ball.  Going long, you end up in the trees, or a bunker if you’re lucky.

Thanks to post sponsor Banish Pest Control for sharing your experience at this course.  The view looks like an unforgettable one.

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