Royal Park I Roveri

Royal Park I Roveri

Created: 1971

Architect: Trent Jones Sr.

royal park golf course

Royal Park I Roveri has been ranked as the top golf course in Italy for the past 31 years, in addition to representing the entire country in the World Golf Best Courses List.  This famous parkland style 18 hole golf course is set inland, weaving through the trees of the Italian countryside.  The course is maintained beautifully, with well-trimmed trees, dark green grass, “perfect” rough, and a ton of water (12 of 18 holes).  The layout is relatively flat and wide open, allowing the big hitters to take advantage of the par 4’s and par 5’s, as long as they don’t go into the water.  The holes are built around a large lake in the middle, a few smaller bodies of water scattered throughout the course, and yes, small streams curving in and out of play as well.  Championship length is just over 6500 meters, as a standard par 72 course.  The ratings across championship, men’s, and women’s tees don’t change very much.

The golf course also has a sizable driving range, which offers Srixon brand golf balls at the huge price of nothing!  Partly covered and part open, the driving range is perfectly flat and well over 300 yards in length, with plenty of  small greens and pins for staggered targets.  If you’re feeling a bit tired, but still want to enjoy a nice day, there are plenty of benches strewn across the grounds in clear sight of the action.  Have a seat and enjoy the game of golf.

Aside from hosting tour events, the coolest part of the golf course is the putting green.  There are two of them with reasonable undulation and plenty of pins to aim at, but the thing everyone waits for is darkness.  When the sun goes down, tall lights reminiscent of a football game come on, illuminating the putting green.  Everything is more fun at night, under the lights.  There’s only one tour event per year played under the lights, and that’s located in the United States.  In Italy, this is as close as it comes.  Putt to your heart’s content.

golfing at night

Let’s move to the clubhouse.  It’s built in an L shape around one of the smaller putting greens and has a modern looking interior that’s very clean, comfortable, and purposefully styled to promote a family environment.  Long couches are comfy chairs are abundant for the guests.  Just outside the large bay windows are numerous tables with umbrellas to give you shady comfort as you enjoy a great meal.

Looking for lessons?  Talk to one of the course pros.  The staff’s primary objectives is to improve your all-around game so you enjoy yourself more when you come out to play.  Improve your swing by matching it to what you need, not some PGA tour pro; find a swing that you can repeat over and over again and rely on when your game fluctuates.  Learn how to putt, chip, pitch, and hit perfect shots from the bunker.  Short game champion is going to be your new title once this lesson is over.  After learning the mechanics of the proper swing, you’ll learn how to manage your play.  What clubs should you choose?  When should you lay-up versus going for it?  What’s the risk versus reward?  After that, get ready for the other half of golf, the mental game.  Tiger Woods was always the person who had this part of the game on lock-down.  He believed he could do anything, which translated into his actions on the course, through a well-groomed swing.  Learn how to control your mind so you can focus and play at your peak level (and maintain it all the way through to the end).  Lastly, hear from experts on weight training and proper foods to fuel your inner golfing beast.  Once we’re done with you, you’ll be golfing like a pro.

To see more on Royal Park Roveri I, watch the video below:

Despite hosting numerous national events at the course, Royal Park still manages to maintain reasonable greens fees, depending on the time of the season you choose to visit and the day of the week you choose to play.

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