The perfect trip: What to do in Venice

Losing yourself in Venice is one of the things everybody should do even once in their lives. The picturesque Italian city is like a fairy tale and has a unique landscape you won’t forget. If you’re thinking traveling to this city soon and you don’t know what to do, we’ll give you today a great list the places you should see.

Venice remains as one of the most popular cities in the world and draws millions of visitors each year. Let’s explore together the best things you can do while you’re staying in this beautiful town:

  1. Mark’s Basilica. This one is by far the most renowned building in Venice. With its sublime architecture, you will be blown away with every look. Was created in 1092 and remains as one of the greatest religious buildings in Northern Italy. Every detail of the Basilica is fantastic from the sculptures and artwork to the ornaments. Also, is located in the Piazza San Marco (the famous one) which is exquisite in every way.
  2. Canale Grande. As you may know, Venice has hundreds of canals that are the connection of the city. The biggest one is Canale Grande and you have to be part of it.
  3. Ponte di Rialto. The famous bridge of the city! Connecting two parts of the metropolitan: San Marco and San Polo, is the most important pedestrian thoroughfare as well as a popular tourist place. The shape of the bridge is unique, simple, and beautiful. Its architecture frames perfectly the grand canal and makes it more stunning.
  4. Venice Lido. Too many tourists for you? This place is your perfect spot for a day of relaxation away from the crowded city. Venice Lido is a separate island that generates a barrier between the Adriatic Sea and Venice. Is a lovely beach to enjoy anytime.
  5. Bridge of sighs. If you have the chance, you need to do a gondola ride to contemplate the bridges, especially this one. Although is a small structure, this bridge is one of the most renowned and visited of the city.
  6. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. The second church with more notoriety of the city. As soon as you see it you’ll notice that the building stands out immediately and your eyes will not look another side. With a baroque style, this religious establishment was built in 1687 and is selected as a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church.
  7. Murano.When you’re in Venice you’re walking within different islands of the city district. Murano, is one of them. This particular sector is made up of small islands that are connected together thanks to a series of bridges and canals. Murano, is a picturesque place full of charm that will keep you interested. You’ll be entertained by diverse live demonstrations that take place at the factories that are established there.

Venice is a place like no other in our world and you must visit.


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