Top Foods & Drinks to Try Out in Venice

When it comes to famous Italian cuisines, there is no denying the popularity of pizzas and pastas around the world. Italy boasts a wonderfully diverse set of food traditions and famous cuisines that are widespread across the world. As such, top-class Venetian cuisine is something that you must try out. However, Venetian cuisine tends to differ significantly from what is served on the Italian mainland as lagoon plays a vital role in everyday life of the people of Venice.

When you are in Venice, you can expect traditional dishes with the focus on amazing seafood & fish dishes that are brought down into the city by the local fishermen from the Adriatic Sea. These dishes are supplemented by fresh vegetables including artichokes and asparagus that are grown on the surrounding islands of Venice. Here are some of the best-in-class Venetian specialties that you must try out when visiting this majestic city:

  • Sarde in Saor: This delicious sweet-sour dish definitely tops the list when it comes to the must-try out dishes in Venice. The dish consists of fried sardine fillings that are marinated in onions, raisins, pine nuts, and vinegar. Saor in Venice had been originally conceived during the Middle Ages as an effective technique of preservation by sailors and fishermen of Venice. However, the sweet & tangy flavors of this dish had been highly appealing to the taste buds of the local Venetians and thus, it lives even in the modern-day appetizer’s list.


  • Baccala mantecato: This is yet another lip-smacking fish-based sublime dish. Baccala mantecato or dried creamed cod is cooked by soaking, poaching, & blending of the fish into a specialized smooth mousse that gets seasoned with salt, olive oil & pepper. You might also come across variations of garlic and parsley in some food eat-outs. The paste is then served on fresh slices of bread or white grilled polenta –a typical staple in Venice.


  • Risi e bisi: This gastronomic guide to the best foods in Venice cannot be complete without describing this yet another rice-based started –Risi e bisi or rice & peas in Venetian style. On 25th April, during the St. Mark’s Day, this delicious dish was served traditionally as a major offering to the Doge of Venice from the lagoon islands by the peasants. The risi e bisi is made with pancetta, vialone nano rice, onion, parsley, butter, and pea-shell broth.


  • Wine: When it comes to the bespoke drinks in Venice, the wine culture of the Venetian region is known for offering a wide range of exquisite wine flavors that set the mood right. You can try out the sparkling white wine known as the “Prosecco” along with other concoctions including Spritz and Bellini that are made along with it. If you wish to combine a glass of white wine with your favorite fish dish, then you must go for trying out the exclusive bottle of Soave.


Do not miss out the fun foods & drinks on your trip to Venice!

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